Moonlight Hor Fun Recipe – with Japanese Egg

Ever tried eating fried hor fun with raw Japanese egg? The raw egg gives the hor fun a silky smooth texture that makes the hor fun even more slippery and slurpworthy! Japanese eggs can be eaten raw as they go through a very stringent process to ensure that they safe for consumption! Here is the recipe:IngredientsThick Rice Noodles (Hor Fun) – 150gKurobuta Pork Belly – 50 gPrawns – 5 pieces devein and marinade with salt & pepperChopped Garlic – 1 tbsBok Choy – a few stalksCooking oilJapanese Egg 1Sauce MixtureDark Soy Sauce 1 tspLight soy sauce 1 tspSweet black sauce 1/2 tspFish sauce 1/2 tspSteps:1. Mix sauces together2. Heat pan/wok till slightly smoky3. Add cooking oil4. Add Hor Fun noodles and fry until a little brown on the edges5. Add sauce mixture and stir well6. Remove noodles7. Add cooking oil to heated pan or wok8. Add Kurobuta Pork Belly and render the fat.9. Add chopped Garlic then marinated prawns10. Add 1 cup of water once prawns seared on the outside but before they are fully cooked11. Add Bok Choy.12. Cover and Simmer for approximately 2 minutes13. Add cooked hor fun and mix with the gravy and put on plate.14. Crack a fresh raw Japanese egg into Hor Fun 15. Toss to mix! Enjoy!Japanese eggs are available at Isetan, Don Don DONKI and Meidi-Ya.

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